Making a difference with Technology

Digital Changemakers is a consultancy, training, events and no-code development company supporting ambitious companies, social entrepreneurs, charities and civil society organisations to make a difference with technology.

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Our Services

We bring experience, fresh thinking and a values-driven approach. We can help you develop a website or application, embed new technology within your team or help you and your organisation develop your digital skills.

  • get support with your funding application

  • develop websites and apps with no-code

  • improve outcomes with procurement support

  • develop digital skills for increased capacity

  • start on your digital transformation journey

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Our Story

Photograph (headshot) of Adam Hill, Digital Changemakers Founder and CEO

Adam Hill
Founder and CEO

"Having worked on groundbreaking digital projects across civil society in over 30 countries over 20 years, I have developed a deep understanding and experience of how technology can change lives that I want to pass on to help others.""Digital changemaking has been in my DNA as far back as I can remember. Whilst co-managing a digital arts collective straight out of school in the mid 1990's I learned my craft with an internet startup, experiencing the highs and deep lows of the .com bubble. Despite the economic crash, it was clear that technology and the internet would have a lasting impact on what was possible for humans to achieve. The challenge back then was that so few had real access to it.""I believe the latest technology still tends to be in the hands of a privileged few and there is huge untapped potential for change through collaboration and education."

Our Values

We are a values-driven company. Our values are why we get up in the morning, they are what drives us to do what we do.

  • Trust through Transparency - We believe that relationships should be built on trust, trust that is earned through our honesty and transparency. Nobody is perfect, and if we screw up or don't know something, we'll tell you. If we don't think we are the right fit for a project, we'll say so, and most likely help find someone who is. Everything we do is built on these foundations.

  • Collaboration by Contribution - The most amazing things can happen when you get the best people in a room. We work in collaboration with our clients, and with partners and if we are not the best people for the job, we will find the best. We work with a trusted Partner Network and not only contribute actively to our work, but we also contribute to our professional and civic communities.

  • People first, then Technology - There is a myriad of technology out there and much of it is highly accessible, however we have seen all too often people shoe-horning their needs to suit a specific technological solution. We will always start with people, processes and strategic needs before we feel comfortable helping to define what the right choices of technology might be.

  • Providing Measurable Value - Our aim is to ensure that we are providing value to those we work with, and we do that by measuring it. We ask for feedback regularly, gathering data and analysing it. We look to build on our weaknesses, celebrate our strengths and do so based on evidence. We use data to continuously improve and increase the impact of our work.

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