Making a difference with technology

How are you doing with digital? If you know that technology could be working for you, but you are just not sure how, our Healthcheck could help you take the next step.

We spend 45 minutes on the phone together to look deeper into the needs and challenges that your organisation faces and come up with some ideas for how you could move forward. Maybe your website is not working for you, or you’re not sure what metrics you should be looking at to help you track your success. Are you asking the right questions of your data? Are you losing time on repetitive tasks or using multiple systems when one could do it all?

Spend some time with us on a Healthcheck and let us work out how you could be making better use of technology in your projects and organisation.

In 45 minutes we will aim to cover:

  • what you do, how you work and who you work with
  • what are the biggest challenges in your organisation’s day-to-day work?
  • how you are currently using technology
  • what the biggest barriers are to using technology
  • what level of digital competences you have in your organisation
  • what your budget is, and ways to fund your work with digital

From there we will put what you know together with what we know and come up with some ideas for how you can take the next steps on your digital journey. The output of the Healthcheck is yours, and there is no obligation to work further together.

Get your free Digital Healthcheck

We will spend 45 minutes on a call with you to understand your needs and come up with a plan including timescales and budget.

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