Making a difference with technology

We appreciate that investing properly in digital takes time and money, but there is free help out there. We have picked three essential initiatives currently available for those just starting their digital journey for this blog post but hopefully they cover a range of options to get you going.

If you have a critical resource you use, please do tell us about it.

Digital Candle

Digital Candle was setup by Catalyst in order to provide support to charities and community groups who have a specific question or issue with digital. The scheme allows you to ask a question and you will be matched to a digital expert (like Digital Changemakers!) to have a free one hour phone conversation.

“46% of charity leaders don't think digital is relevant to them. We want to light a path. During Covid, there is added urgency to digital. We offer relevant and timely advice.”

It is really easy to access by filling out a simple form, and then the Digital Candle team do the rest. People are asking things such as:

  • How can we adapt to the challenges of working from home?
  • How can we collaborate remotely?
  • How can we transfer our whole delivery model from face-to-face to online?
Digital Candle
Lighting a path to better digital. One free hour of expert digital advice for charities.

Charity Digital Code

The Charity Digital Code is an excellent and practical guide to the areas you should be considering for digital and provides tons of resources to get you thinking and acting. The code is split into seven key areas covering leadership, user-led, culture, strategy, skills, managing risks and ethics and adaptability.

“The Charity Digital Code of Practice is an overview of the key areas that charities need to be aware of in digital, and can be used to benchmark their progress.”

These areas are aligned with the key principles of digital transformation and working through them can give you a real insight into how to adopt digital into your work. The code has a version for small and large charities and can be downloaded as a PDF. Each area has a case study as well as resources specific to support your development and increase your knowledge.

Home - The Charity Digital Code of Practice
The Charity Digital Code of Practice is for charity professionals looking to get more strategic with digital.

Make it Click

The Make it Click website is a project from the fantastic people at the Good Things Foundation and provides a whole range of resources, courses and training that you can access completely free. While it is not specific to the voluntary and community sector, the majority of information and tutorials is still very relevant.

“Make It Click features free courses, tools and templates that you can trust. You can learn new apps, improve the skills you already have and take a positive step forward in your work.”

The website splits into two main areas categorising content in subjects and a search. Do you want to find out about security? Or working from home? There is a great selection of straightforward tools to help you.

Finally Make it Click also offer in-person or online support from a Make it Click tutor, so if you have something you need a bit of specific help on, you can search their database and find someone near you.

What resources do you find essential?

We’ve just highlighted three resources here and there are many across the internet. If you have resources that you have found invaluable, tell us about them so we can pass them on to others. We hope you found the above useful.

If you have an idea you would like to discuss or something we may be able to help you with, take a look at our digital healthcheck service.