Making a difference with technology

Digital Changemakers is a new company setup to support people doing amazing things to do even more amazing things with technology. We want to work with like-minded people and organisations who need some help with their digital strategy. With over 20 years experience bridging digital and civil society, we are putting together exciting packages and initiatives to help make the world a better place.

The image above is a Lotus Flower, widely seen as a symbol of change and overcoming obstacles. This is a whole new world of change for me, my family and colleagues and we have that new adventure excitement. While this website has been setup in a hurry in order to get us off the ground, the content comes from many years of ideas, thoughts, experience and passion. If you know me from another walk of life - or if you just stumbled across this - then let me know what you think using our contact page or by messaging us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Today we registered the company and over the next few months we'll be bringing our services to the world, along with our network of service providers and collaborators.

This is an exciting time, we hope you'll come along for the ride. Subscribe below or contact us if you think there is something we can help you with.