Making a difference with technology

Really exciting news for eligible Community and Voluntary sector organisations today as Catalyst and The National Lottery Community Fund COVID-19 launch their Digital Response Fund.

COVID-19 Digital Response
Emergency funding of up to £60k available to nonprofits in England that are committed to proactively sharing learnings with other organisations in their networks.

This fund is aimed at organisations whose work has been affected by COVID-19 and who need emergency funding to continue to deliver essential services. The support will help them develop their digital, data and design capabilities that allow them to address urgent issues and serve the most vulnerable.

This funding is a combination of direct grants and payment for support from digital agencies. There are a range of specific criteria and projects are split into "Discovery" and "Development", working directly with digital experts to deliver capacity building activities and digital development projects.

Digital Changemakers would be keen to discuss and work with anyone who may be considering an application. Use our Project Brief tool or simply contact us if you feel we could help.