Making a difference with technology

It is with great pleasure that this week we became a supporter of the North East Initiative on Business Ethics.

"The North East Initiative on Business Ethics (NIBE) was established in May 2013 as an independent regional resource with an aspiration to become a focal point for good business behaviour... our desire is to see the region recognised as a great place to do trustworthy, honest and transparent business."

It is these three values that mean so much and resonate with us, trust, honesty and transparency. Having had too much experience of the unethical, untrustworthy side of business, we are really envigorated to be surrounded by like-minded businesses and individuals through this growing network.

NIBE held a number of events in 2020 including the very excellent Global Ethics Day celebration in October and we also got involved in the development of the Ethical Business Toolkit that is currently being developed for launch in early 2021.

If you are assessing your business ethics or have a passion for the topic, we highly recommend getting involved. You can become a supporter on their website or just follow NIBE on Twitter.