Making a difference with technology

Collaboration is significantly better than competition. Having worked on multi-agency, cross-sector projects of all sizes, we are sure that collaboration creates a space for innovation, creativity and provides a platform for having the best people working together towards the same goals. Not all partnerships work, but if they are based on trust, authenticity and mutual benefit they are fruitful and enjoyable.

We are just getting started, but we are also keen to start building partnerships from day one. Collaborating with our clients comes naturally, but we would be naive if we thought we could do everything for anyone. We want to work in a highly collaborative environment with a diverse base of trusted partners through project development, delivery and evaluation. If you are open, it would be great to have a conversation.

There are a number of ways that we could work together such as:

  • freelancers and agencies registering with us as a digital service provider
  • co-create a new project, campaign or initiative with us
  • sharing best practice or experience through a peer networking session
  • developing new training or digital skills programmes together
  • pitching for new work or applying for a tender in partnership

We are open to new possibilities so the above is clearly not an exhaustive list. If you like what we do, and you think we could do something amazing together please get in touch.