Making a difference with technology

After a few of weeks preparation, with many years of thinking, I am really excited (and openly a bit nervous!) about launching Digital Changemakers to the world. Change isn’t easy, and this is no different, but it feels like this is the right time.

Many of the previous cultural issues with adopting technology have changed with the introduction of working from home and the pivoting and adaptation we’ve all had to go through. With economic and social issues just beginning, we need to do more with less and people need to have more time being… well… people. Digital opens up a range of possibilities including efficiencies, enhancements, automation and monitoring that were not available before and we want everyone to take advantage.

Our mission is to help and inspire movers and shakers, activists and changemakers to adopt and embrace technology, and use it to make the world a better place.

If you are looking for help with digital strategy, digital skills or just getting a feel for what’s possible, please get in touch. We are open, available and screaming out to work with amazing changemakers like you.

So what next?

Have a look through our website and if you think we could help, let us know.